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Platronics Seals is a leading provider of high reliability hermetic packages utilizing glass-to-metal seals and ceramic-to-metal seals. For 50 years we have delivered quality solutions at competitive prices across a variety of industries – semiconductor, military, …

Platronics Seals Announces Purchase from M/A-COM Tech

With the acquisition, Platronics Seals will broaden the product offering to include glass to metal and ceramic microwave, optical and RF packages. Bill Dinardo, former President of Tech-Ceram, has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing reporting to Sam Baar, President and former Tech-Ceram employee.

Problems with the Glass to Metal Seal in Electronics

> Problems with the Glass to Metal Seal in Electronics. Problems with the Glass to Metal Seal in Electronics. October 22, 2015 By Joshua Jablons Ph.D. ... There are also fabricating methods that can be applied to the surface of the metal used in a glass to metal seal, in order to change the surface of the metal and reduce the likelihood of gaps ...

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metal base and insulating and sealing them in position with melted glass to seal off the openings. The same applies to optical signals. Windows or lenses can be soldered onto or even melted together with the metal cap, or tubes can be provided to seal in glass fibers. Today, encapsulating electronic components, such as micro-chips, is routine.

Complete Hermetics - A manufacturer of hermetic products

Complete Hermetics is a custom manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs. Our team has a wide range of knowledge to design and develop the hermetic connectors, hermetic packages, hermetic headers, vacuum viewports, hermetic seals and hermetic feedthroughs to fit your specifications.

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Matched Seals. When the glass and the metal package have the same coefficient of thermal expansion, the seal derives its strength from the chemical bond between the glass and the oxide formed on the metal parts. This "matched seal" is the weaker of the two glass-to-metal hermetic seals and cannot resist large differential pressures across ...

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Let T & E Industries, Inc., the most comprehensive single source of glass to metal seals, service all of your seal requirements. Eliminate costly telephone call and burdensome correspondence by contacting T & E. Our standards call for high reliability at competitive pricing.

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DreamLine Vinyl Seal (Part #JT038-12). Will replace worn DreamLine Vinyl Seal (Part #JT038-12). Will replace worn or damaged vinyl and help ensure water splashes are contained. Installation is quick and simple; strip is trimmable for a perfect fit. Will fit DreamLine models with 1/2 in. glass. More + …

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Fusite is a world-class, high volume producer of glass-to-metal seals, feedthroughs, connectors, precision metal products and related components.

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We provide hermetic packages for the semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, optoelectronic, and telecommunications industries. With over 50 years of experience we'll ensure that you're always getting the best results from a family run US firm focused on quality.

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While the company is best known for custom and one-of-a-kind prototype work, Larson Electronic Glass offers a greatly expanded line of off-the-shelf standard glass-to-metal products. Product categories include viewports, glass adaptors, tubular seals, bellows seals, and fiberoptic and electrical feedthrus.

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Platronics Seals is a leading provider of high reliability hermetic packages utilizing glass-to-metal seals and ceramic-to-metal seals. For 50 years we have delivered quality solutions at competitive prices across a variety of industries – semiconductor, military, optoelectronic,...

Glass-to-Metal Seals and Feedthroughs -Complete Hermetics

Glass-to-Metal Seals and Feedthroughs Complete Hermetics is a custom prototype designer and manufacturer of hermetic seals and hermetic feedthroughs. Complete Hermetics offers a complete line of glass-to-metal seals and electrical feedthroughs to meet every type of need.

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Platronics-seals.com Platronics Seals is a leading provider of high reliability hermetic packages utilizing glass-to-metal seals and ceramic-to-metal seals. For 50 years we have delivered quality solutions at competitive prices across a variety of industries – semiconductor, military, optoelectronic, telecom, aerospace, automotive, and more.

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Houston Electronics of Kane, Pennsylvania manufactured glass to metal seals from 1959 through 1992 under several corporate owners. HES of Kansas City, Kansas was founded in 1973 and manufactured a similar line of products.

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required to fabricate metal-to-ceramic seals, with recommendations as to the relative degrees of importance in controlling various phases of the operations. Some of the techniques em- ... GLASS-SEALING ALLOY (GRAY) KOVAR A AND FERNICO,-. 90 - - 70 7"C --N-1413.3) --J /NO.4 SYLVANIA Z" 0 -ALLOY T 2 Cu(017.7) c ALUMINA

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Platronics-seals is ranked 17,314,129 in the United Kingdom. 'Platronics Seals | Hermetic Glass-To-Metal and Ceramic Seals.'

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Latrobe, PA - Specialty Seal Group (SSG), a leader in the development of ceramic-to-metal, glass-to-metal hermetic seals, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Until now, the …

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Glasseal Products is at the forefront of technology in the production of high quality, low and high volume, glass-to-metal seals. AMETEK has a depth of product range, from commercial and mil spec connectors and headers to microelectronic hermetic packages, TO's and battery seals, tantalum capacitors seals, and end seals.

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Glass-to-metal hermetic electronic seals. Northeast Electronics Corp. is located in Milford, CT and is a supplier of Hermetic Seals.

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Glass-ceramics are mechanically superior and feature strong chemical bonding at the glass to metal interfaces. For seals requiring robust performance and the ability to withstand large differential pressures between the outer and inner faces, reinforced compression seals are superior.

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Making Connections to Glass-to Metal Seals. By: Chuck Kraft. General Information. When an inorganic glass is heated and applied to the heated surface of a metal, a portion of the metal's oxide diffuses into the glass forming a bond. If this bond remains during the cooling period to room temperature, the result is a glass-to-metal-seal.

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Xi'an Seal Electronic Material Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of Glass-to-Metal products in China. Our products are hermetic seals, airtight terminals designed to protect a variety of equipment, and parts including electronic components from various environmental conditions.

JJ Glastronics

· Primary business of JJ Glastronics now is manufacturing hermetic glass-metal seals & machined components · Primary business of Amitronics now is doing special processes for captive and external customers · Spread over 9,000 sq.m in Electronic City, with a production area of 10,000 sq.m, we are now poised to take on ...

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New processes and materials are always undergoing testing at CeramTec in Laurens, where we also develop new processes and technologies to address the rapidly changing demands placed on ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-ceramic seals along with the challenges involved in sensor technology and OEM market requests.

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About us. Platronics Seals is a leading provider of highly reliable hermetic packages utilizing glass-to-metal seals. For 50 years we have delivered quality solutions at competitive prices across ...

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Manufacturer of a variety of hermetic packages in solutions of glass-metal seals. Products include hermetic packages made of kovar and stainless steel and precision parts made of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, copper, special alloy, polycarbonate, acetal, polyethyelene, nylon, PEEK, ABS, PVC, PTFE, acrylic and vinyl.

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Seal Hermetics is the ideal manufacturer of well designed, specialized, and quality tested glass to metal seals. Manufacturing Use our seals and let us handle the manufacturing to meet your quantity needs.

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Glass-to-metal seals are a very important element of the construction of vacuum tubes, electric discharge tubes, incandescent light bulbs, glass encapsulated semiconductor diodes, reed switches, pressure tight glass windows in metal cases, and metal or ceramic packages of electronic components.