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The helium leak testing takes advantage of the relatively small size of the helium atom as the indicating gas for detecting the smallest of leaks. Therefore, it is a valuable test …

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Helium leak testing is a non destructive examination method which is used for detection and localization of leaks by measuring leakage in systems or objects under vacuum or pressure. In Helium leak testing a pressure difference is produced between the …

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Mass Spectrometer based Helium Leak Detection For very sensitive leak testing, Mass Spectrometer based Helium Leak Detector is used. The commercial helium leak detector can detect the presence of less than one part of helium in 10 million parts of air.

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Since leak detection and prevention is a critical part in industrial, medical, aerospace and other related industries, reliability and accuracy plays a critical part while selecting the detectors or helium leak …

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Helium Leak Detection (HeLD) ASTM F 2391 – Standard Test Method for Measuring Package and Seal Integrity Using Helium as the Tracer Gas Helium mass spectrometry is most suited for non-porous packaging such as vials, syringes, and cartridges.


We at Vacuum Engineering Services Ltd have over 20 years' experience and knowledge in providing helium leak testing machines, on-site helium leak detection, training and expertise. We are proud to have designed, built and installed over 700 bespoke machines throughout the world.

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Pressure testing with a helium leak detector can be used on a multitude of different equipment. Projectile Tube Cleaning has also performed helium pressure tests on fuel tanks, pressure vessels, and air compressor systems.

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Helium leak testing is the fastest and most cost effective method for identifying condenser tube leaks. One leaking tube can be identified in a multi-thousand tube …

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HELIUM MASS SPECTROMETER LEAK DETECTORS. LACO's suite of TITANTEST™ Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors bring you powerful solutions targeting the unique challenges of today's leak testing applications. Meet the demands of your leak testing process with a feature-rich design and an unparalleled choice of options and accessories.


LEAK TESTING METHODOLOGIES Different methods can be used for leak testing: - Ultrasonic measurement - Bubble test - Pressure decay - Vacuum decay test or pressure rise test - Helium sniff - Helium spray - Helium accumulation - Helium leak detection through vacuum systems ULTRASONIC MEASUREMENT

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Fundamentals of leak detection Editor: Leybold . No. 199 79_VA.02 Authors: Hans Rottländer Walter Umrath Gerhard Voss ... position in the system when using the pressure rise test, it is recommended to use a helium leak detector with which the leaks may also be …

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Helium Vacuum Leak Detectors. Especially for locating leaks in high tech vacuum equipment, maschinery, tools, components and assemblies demanding highest levels of leak tightness ... (and simple sniffing) Gas type: Helium, Hydrogen Application: Leak testing of vacuum systems (e.g. in semiconductor manufacturing), components and subassemblies ...

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In most helium leak testing applications, one uses a mass spectrometer tuned to detect helium although it is possible to use a residual gas analyser. Helium leak testing can be generally be between one thousand and one million times more sensitive than using pressure decay techniques.

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To request general information regarding Helium Leak Testing, Inc. (HLT). Please Email or call us at (800) 423-1701. To request information regarding Helium Leak Testing, Inc.'s products or services. Please Contact our Sales Team. CAREERS Interested and qualified candidates may forward a resume to the Human Resources Department.

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Quantitative Helium Leak testing is able to measure and quantify the total leak rate of helium of an item under test. The quantified leak rate is generated by using NIST traceable leak standards to calibrate and verify the equipment and tested system. This test is the most sensitive type of Helium Leak testing but it is often unable to pinpoint ...

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Helium leak detection is the ideal solution for determining the vacuum tightness of a large vacuum chamber. Why helium leak detection is ideal . Sealed Devices. Loss of a hermetic seal may cause oxidation or corrosion of components that are critical to a device's operation. See examples ...

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For leak testing applications that have a reject leak rate too small to accurately detect with air leak testing instruments, your best choice for measurable and repeatable leak testing results is with Helium leak testing.

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Helium hermeticity testing is used to verify the seal process of a hermetic device. Devices are typically preconditioned in a pressurized chamber and, after the required conditions are met, the leak rate is measured and recorded, applying pass/fail criteria.

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QUALITY: How has helium leak testing changed in recent history? DAVE MORRIS: There is an increasing demand for leak detection due to new requirements in regards to safety, environmental protection, and functionality. One major example is the automotive industry and the introduction of the new Euro 5 standards.

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Helium leak testing utilizes a Helium Leak Detector, also referred to as a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector (MSLD), to find a leak inside or outside of a system and then measure the leak rate. The helium leaks in/out of the tested product and is measured by the detector.

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Operational since 1960, Helium Leak Testing Inc. is a provider in the field of industrial helium leak testing. Based in Northridge, Calif., the company offers customers a wide array of services, such as in house leak testing, leak standard calibration, automated vacuum pumping systems, environmental vacuum capability and preventive maintenance services.

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Helium leak testing is used to find leaks in steam turbines and condensers quickly and reliably. Far superior to other types of testing using foam or plastic wrap, helium leak testing can be used for both condenser air inleakage as well as detecting condenser tube leaks.

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Helium Leak Detector Rentals. HVS Leak Detection has the largest inventory of rental helium leak detectors in North America. Our broad variety of models and manufacturers sets us apart. We can meet any industry or application need with a leak detector rental.

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HVS Leak Detection provides leak testing services in shop or on-site for a wide range of customer needs. We can quickly locate even the smallest leaks in any pressure system, vacuum system or hermetic system across a wide range of industries and applications.

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Leak testing with helium or another test gas does not necessarily have to be carried out with the parameters that are decisive for the specification. Conversions are possible, for example, for various gases, gases and fluids, different pressure conditions, mass leak rates and volume leak rates, etc.

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Helium Leak Testing, Inc. calibration services include all ranges of leak standards with competitive pricing and turn-around times. In addition to special calibrations for specific leak rates, unique gases and pressure differentials, we provide vacuum gauge calibration in-house or …

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Helium Leak Detection System . Application. In helium leak testing, a test part is pressurized with a helium/air mixture in a test chamber. The test chamber is then evacuated so that helium is allowed to pass through any leakage points in the surrounding vacuum.

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Helium leak testing can be generally be between one thousand and one million times more sensitive than using pressure decay techniques. Methods of Leak Testing Parts. There are two main methods to leak test parts using helium: Vacuum Testing (outside-in) and Pressure Testing (Inside-out).

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Helium Leak Testing, Inc. (HLT) Excels in Leak Detection Testing Services for Research, Industrial, Commercial, and Production Operations in all aspects of industry.

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Helium Detectors are used primarily in leak detection situations where sonic detection methods are not effective (inability to maintain pressure in the line or soil saturation). Instead of "listening" for the sound of escaping gas from the leak, the Helium Detector actually detects the leaking gas itself.