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Lens & Mirror Making • Best lenses and mirrors are both made by grinding the surface ... • For mirrors only surface needs to be good • Typical mirror want pyrex (eg BK7) • Then need a tool blank – poorer glass & softer glass ... Foucault Knife Edge test • When mirror is …

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telescope making, mirror grinding, homemade tripod, eyepieces, astronomy . ... It is the same thing as the chordal stroke, only now you don't grind with the mirror center over the tool edge, go over the center. Again, rotate randomly, both tool and mirror. As soon as the curve ...

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Jun 15, 2014· Cutting and sanding a mirror edge. Cutting and sanding a mirror edge. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

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Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine. ... your attention to the M-o-M Yahoo! group that offers extensive support for construction and operating that type of mirror grinding machine. Make sure also to checkout my M-o-M videos that show the machine in action! ... Correction is being put in the edge by constantly incrementing offset, as more and more ...

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May 12, 2017· Grind more worry less. Basically the hogging stroke creates a deep hyperbolic hole in the center and you are grinding on the 40%-80% radii. Until those radii are ground down enough for the tool to make contact farther out, the tool will not be grinding the edge.

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The photo above left shows a mirror maker checking the depth of curve during fine grinding. A metal straight edge (ruler) and inexpensive automotive feeler gauges can also be used. At the end of fine grinding, the mirror surface is smooth to the touch but still has a grayish, non-reflective, dull surface.

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surface is measured. Good grinding technique will produce a spherical shape, therefore the only important property needing measurement is the depth of the concave surface at the center of the mirror. The easiest way to do this is by placing a stiff metallic straight edge across the mirror face center spanning edge to edge.

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Edge Grinding The 4 mm extra clear low iron glass is cut to the desired measurements to suit its thermal application. The glass is then drilled and edge-worked by CNC robots.

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Having such a smooth edge is desirable, because tiny glass fragments are less likely to break away from a smooth edge and scratch the mirror during grinding. Grinding the Mirror I then proceeded to grind the mirror starting with 120 grit and ending with 5 micron grit.

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Grinding also proceeds quicker because the tool spends more time working the mirror's edge, where most of the glass is located and where pits tend to grind out last. Tool on top tends to lengthen the radius of curvature while mirror on top tends to shorten the radius of curvature.

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5 Common Glass Edge Types. Posted by Sheila Reynolds on June 27, 2017 10:17 am ... Available with straight or curved bevels, chamfered edges are most often seen on frameless mirrors, such as those on medicine cabinets. Pencil Grind. Pencil grinding, ...

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24" F/6 thin telescope mirror grinding 3/4" plate - ATM, Nov 06, 2013· Page 1 of 2 - 24 F/6 thin telescope mirror grinding 3/4 plate - posted in ATM,, and I set it up to stroke the entire mirror surfaceedge to edge .

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US suppliers of Mirror Blanks, Grinding & Polishing Supplies, and Telescope Making Supplies. Astronomy Clubs Many can offer help with your project. Astronomy Conventions & Star Parties A good place to look at various telescopes and chat with their owners. Mirror Making Courses & Workshops

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Jul 09, 2011· How to grind glass? If this is your first visit, ... Can I install a silicon carbide wheel on the surface grinder, shim the mirror to the taper and grind it? Other suggestions? I don't have a diamond wheel for the Baldor tool grinder or I would try that. ... With mirrored glass I've always been told to seal the edge with nail polish so it doesn ...

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Make sure that the other tool edge covers the mirror center if you are using a small tool. Add grit, water and weight as above and let the tool ride on the rotating mirror. The tool will spin on the mirror with their outside edges rotating at the same rate. ... Fine grinding on Mirror-o-Matic can be done with the stationary overarm method. The ...

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The edge treatment selected can affect functionality and performance. Edging is done for safety, cosmetics, functionality, cleanliness, improved dimensional tolerance, and to prevent chipping. Edging is generally described as a grinding process used to remove the sharp or raw edge of cut glass.

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The end of the grinding (or the beginning of the polishing, depending on your point of view) arrives uneventfully - for me. Others have not been so lucky. One member discovered a crack near the edge of his mirror.

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Oct 06, 2017· mirror grinding machine for sale customer cas. Dick Parker's Telescope Mirror Workshop: Cassegrain Telescope . The Ritchey Chretien, on the other hand, has two hyperbolic mirrors so chosen that . ... Either ignore it or remove it with your stone when you bevel the edge before grinding. Contact Us. mirror grinder page.

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The clamps hold the mirror centrally on the grinding platter, Freeing one should allow the mirror to be removed, cleaned and reset with out disturbing the centering. The tool for grinding was made from cutting a disk to the same size as the mirror from 3/4" plywood and using duck tape to create a …

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Fast Mirror Grinding and Polishing Miscellaneous Tips and Techniques . John D ... There are numerous techniques that have been described over the years for grinding and polishing mirrors. Some of these techniques have been devised for the specific purpose of making the mirror grinding and polishing operations easier or faster. I have tried out ...

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By the time dinner was served, the center of my mirror had a beautiful polish, but the edge still showed a gray haze, indicating there were many fine pits left from fine grinding. Grazing reflection of light bulbs in a fine-ground mirror.

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Jun 27, 2017· 5 Common Glass Edge Types. Posted by Sheila Reynolds on June 27, 2017 10:17 am ... Available with straight or curved bevels, chamfered edges are most often seen on frameless mirrors, such as those on medicine cabinets. Pencil Grind. Pencil grinding, ...

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Feb 21, 2015· Can I use the machine to rotate the mirror at 25 rpm and hold a grinding stone at 45 degrees to the mirror edge to redo the bevel. Or is this too risky? I like my edges rounded, its really cool when its finished, just a totally different look, doesn't make a difference but its nice.

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Note that a convex grind needs to be full height (from edge to spine) or else if a sabre grind scratches will result on the flats. Tanto/spanto regrinds: Add $10; ... Hinderer XM18 Spanto with a reprofiled mirror polished edge on the Wicked Edge. If 4″ or under – $6/inch.

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Making A Mirror Polishing And Figuring Tool By Allen Malsbury ... See a nearby tutorial titled, " Making A Mirror Grinding Tool ". It is very common to use the same tile tool that was used during the grinding process as the pitch lap backer piece. ... pitch through the tape along the edge. If it springs back immedi-ately, it is still a ...

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The center will deepen during the first stage of fine grinding as contact is achieved across the mirror face and fine grinding tool. On larger mirrors, the ring tool may leave the zones part way to the edge a little underground. For these mirrors, as you near the depth, you can alter the strokes to be off-center.

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This is the easiest way to grind by machine and it works just the same for polishing as well. You need excellent contact while you're doing this and it's mostly useful to finish a mirror that has the typical rolled edge that comes from polishing out with a spinning lap over long sessions.

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Turned Edge. Mirror Cell. Optical Shop. Ronchi Grid. Cardboard Tubes ... MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE. ... I also built another machine of the same type. Also a Hindle type machine for a southern firm to grind and polish 12.5" mirrors. Later I sold them my two machines.